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UK practical driving tests car hire. The normal route is to take driving lessons with a local driving Instructor in your area who will guide you through the DVSA syllabus for the UK driving test. This is great if you are a complete beginner driver and have plenty of time as this process can take 6-12 months depending on the number of weekly lessons taken.

Driving test centres London

In some countries, the car is provided for candidates for the practical driving test. In the UK you will need to bring a car for the DVSA practical driving test. Expat/International drivers can sometimes turn up the UK driving test with a car. We provide automatic and manual cars for the UK driving test. Use our short notice driving test car hire with an emergency qualified driving Instructor.

Fast track driving courses

How many driving lessons do you need? Intensive fast track driving courses. From our experience Learner drivers who are retaking their driving test and International drivers who have years of driving experience aboard. Usually, need between 2-10 hours training to put candidates in the best position to pass the test first time with us. Learner drivers who have to re-sit the test will need to cover the areas of their driving that cause them to be unsuccessful on the first attempt.

International-Expat drivers

International drivers moving to the UK and wanting a British driving licence usually need to have some training before taking the UK driving test. The training will help to guide candidates as to what is required to pass the practical driving test. The mistake International drivers make is to think that because they have years of driving experience without any problems they are ready to take a test. Years of experience also can develop years of “bad” habits that would not be acceptable on the driving test. ie, crossing hands on the steering wheel, coasting, lane discipline, keeping to speed limits, use of mirrors, roundabouts, checking blind spots. etc.

To learner about the ruler and regulations for driving on British roads see the link for The Highway Code.


car for driving test/ driving test car hire