Emergency Hire Car for Short Notice Driving Test Croydon 

Croydon driving test centre car hire. Short notice cancellation driving test in Croydon with a last minute driving instructor maunual or automatic car, need to ” Hire car for driving test” our service  maybe able to help.

Your driving instructor cancelled at the last minute or simply is double booked. International drivers who need only a few hours with a one day course just to brush up the skills for the DVSA paractical driving testin the UK.

You may have been learning in your own car which has developed a fault. Any fault light on the dash board may prevent the test from going on. Both Automatic and Manual car Hire for Driving at Croydon and all London Test Centres.


Book Driving Test Croydon to an Earlier Date

Have you recently failed your driving test? Are you prepared for your driving test? If so, why wait months and months for a driving test appointment. Book driving test Croydon with DVSA within a week or two.

Our staff search the Croydon Driving Test centre for cancellation ever 30 seconds. We can change your driving test appointment to an earlier date or no charge is simply made.

Driving Test Croydon – Local Information

Croydon driving test centre car hire

London Croydon Practical Driving Test Centre Address
111 Canterbury Road
Greater London


Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets available at Croydon driving test centre. There is limited car parking for test candidates.

Test Centre Provides Tests For: Car, Taxi.

Croydon Driving Test Centre has many diverse and complex roads systems during your driving test. The road about close to the test centre can be a challenge due to fast following traffic.  Narrow residential roads will require a good level of car control and observation for meeting oncoming  vehicles. High speed ‘A’ roads to include the A23, A235 and A236.

Short Notice Driving Test Croydon – Driving test faults and your result

There are 3 types of faults you can make:

  • dangerous fault – this involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public or property
  • serious fault – something potentially dangerous
  • driving fault – this isn’t potentially dangerous, but if you keep making the same fault, it could become a serious fault

Short Notice Driving Test Croydon – Pass mark

You’ll pass your driving test if you make:

  • no more than 15 driving faults (sometimes called ‘minors’)
  • no serious or dangerous faults (sometimes called ‘majors’)

Short Notice Driving Test Croydon – If you pass your test – When you can start driving

You can start driving straight away when you’ve passed your test. You don’t need to wait for your full licence to arrive but do keep a pass certificate with you until your driving licence arrives.

if your full licence hasn’t arrived 3 weeks after you applied for it contact the DVLA

The examiner will tell you what faults you made.

You have to pay again. You have to choose a date at least 10 working days away.

Short Notice Driving Test Croydon – Appeal your driving test

You can appeal if you think your examiner didn’t follow the guide lines when they carried out your test.

Your test result can’t be changed, but you might get a free retest if your appeal is successful.

Short Notice Driving Test Croydon – How to appeal

You have to appeal to the local courts.

You must appeal to a:

  • magistrate’s court within 6 months if you took your test in England or Wales
  • sheriff’s court within 21 days if you took your test in Scotland

Book Driving Test Croydon n- TEST ROUTES

Recently the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) stopped publishing the driving test routes. The driving test routes for Croydon  may have slightly changed. However it is likely they are very similar if not identical. Listed below are the driving test centre routes for Short notice driving test Croydon .


Name of Practical Test Centre. London Croydon Driving test Centre.
Type of Test Route. Car.
Route Number. 1.
Name/Number of Road. Direction.
DTC.  .
Canterbury Rd. Right.
London Rd. EOR left.
Mayday Rd. Right.
Bensham Lane. 2 nd left.
Queens Rd. Mini roundabout right.
Pawsons Rd. 2 nd left.
Whitehorse Rd. Mini roundabout ahead, EOR left.
Thornton Heath High St. Bend to left, bear left.
Brook Rd. 2 nd right, ahead.
Melford Rd. Left.
Strathyre Rd. 3 rd left.
Dalmeny Ave. Right.
Kilmartin Ave. Left.
Dumbarton Ave. Crossroads ahead, right, right.
Melrose Ave. Left.
Dalmeny Ave. EOR left.
Ederline Ave. Right
Norbury Crescent. EOR left.
Manor Farm Rd. Right.
Norbury Ave. EOR left.
London Rd. EOR left.
Thornton Rd. Roundabout right.
Harcourt Rd. Out left, 4 th left.
Curzon Rd. Left.
Keston Rd. EOR left.
Thornton Rd. EOR left.
Canterbury Rd. Roundabout left.
Driving Test Route Number 2. London Croydon Driving Test Centre.
Name/Number of Road. Direction.
Canterbury Rd. Left.
Lancing Rd. Right.
Boston Rd. EOR left.
Thornton Rd. EOR left.
Purley Way. Roundabout ahead, 3 rd left.
Waddon Rd. 3 rd T/L left.
Epsom Rd. T/L ahead.
Warrington Rd. 2 nd left.
Duppas Hill Rd. EOR left.
Duppas Hill Lane. Slip Road left.
Old Town. Roundabout 1 st exit.
Roman Way / Mitcham Rd / Sumner Rd. T/L right.
St James Rd / Windmill Rd. 2 nd left.
Queens Rd. 2 nd left.
Princess Rd. 2 nd right.
Queens Rd. Out left.
Windmill Rd. EOR left.
Northcote Rd. T/L ahead.
Prince Rd. 8 th left, EOR left.
Clifton Rd. EOR left, roundabout ahead.
Whitehorse Lane. EOR left.
Whitehorse Rd. Roundabout left.
Pawsons Rd. 3 rd right.
Queens Rd. EOR right.
Bensham Lane. Roundabout left.
Mayday Rd. Right.
London Rd. EOR left.
Canterbury Rd.