Driving Instructor Services

Diving Instructors are evolving as we have a diverse clientele in London. London is attracting International people from around the world to work in the city. We help Expats who have years of driving experience and just need to be coached for the UK driving test. So they are familiar with the standard of driving that the DVSA except in order to pass the UK driving test and get the British driving licence.

Short notice driving tests

When Expats come to the UK they are so busy with settling down in their new home, dealing with the fast work life that London is well known for. The time goes so fast and the last thing Expats think about is the driving licence. We can help in these situations. Our driving test services organise a cancellation driving test at short notice arrange an expert qualified driving Instructor who guides you through the procedure to get the UK driving licence.

Driving in Great Britain on a non-GB driving licence.

If you are not sure whether your international driving licence is valid to drive on British roads, then use the link below to check.

To exchange a foreign licence you will need to check with the GOV.UK website. use the link below to see if you hold a driving licence of a country that the UK government will allow to convert to a British licence.



The some of the common mistakes that International drivers make:

  1. Crossing their hands when turning the steering wheel.
  2. Coasting pushing the clutch down to early before stopping.
  3. Putting the gear stick into neutral before stopping.
  4. Not checking mirrors.
  5. Not checking blind spots.
  6. Dealing with roundabouts.

UK driving licence