Intensive Courses

  • Intensive driving courses (also know as  a crash course)  the fastest way to successfully pass your driving test in the shortest time. Courses over 1 week or 1 month are the cheapest most cost effective way to pass your driving test.
  •  We are a professional team of Driving Instructors with a fast growing driving school, specialist’s in course’s and short notice driving tests.  We are here help you to pass your driving test in the shortest time possible.
  •  we help take the stress  out of passing your driving test, from booking your theory test, driving course and getting a quick practical driving test date.
  • The courses would suit anyone who needs to pass quickly, maybe for a new job, going to university, international licence holders, theory test running out,  or you just want the independence quick.
  • call us now 07855948747 or 08000190970
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