One week intensive driving course

Intensive driving courses are great value for money, saving you time and worry.  Our driving test booking service we find a cancellation driving test and with  our fully qualified intensive driving instructors, can help you pass you driving test in the shortest possible time.

Our intensive driving courses are flexible. The driving Instructors will tailor the course to work round your schedule. The intensive driving course lessons normally are a minimum of 2-5 hours per day, you only pay for lessons taken.

Intensive driving courses

Quick pass Intensive driving courses (also know as  a crash course) One day to One week courses, the fastest way to successfully pass your driving test in the shortest time. Intensive courses over 1 week or 1 month are the cheapest most cost effective way to pass your driving test.

Professional team of¬†Driving Instructors¬†with a fast growing driving school, specialist‚Äôs in intensive course’s and¬†booking short notice cancellation driving tests.¬† We are here help you to pass your driving test in the shortest time possible.

we help take the stress  out of passing your driving test, from booking your theory test, driving course and getting a quick practical driving test date.

An intensive course would suit anyone who needs to pass quickly, maybe for a new job, going to university, international licence holders, theory test running out,  or you just want the independence quick.

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8 Hours  intensive driving course: £367

  • For Learner drivers are retaking a practical driving test.
  • International drivers with several years of driving experience.
  • Your Intensive driving course can be taken over 2 to 3 days before the driving test.
  • The course includes car hire for your practical driving test.
  • Driving lessons not taken are refunded back to you.

12 hours Intensive course: £419

  • Learner drivers who are struggling to pass the practical test and need to pass quickly.
  • The driving course can be taken over ¬†a few days or if you prefer over a 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Course include the car hire for the day of your practical test.
  • Lessons not taken are refunded.